Have you discovered cats and kittens?  Finding a rescue that has the ability and resources to help is imperative. There are a lot of obstacles in securing these cats and getting them to safety or to plan the trapping and spay/neuter and release (TNR). Having a rescue assess and assist or give you direction as to the next steps, keeps the kittens and cats safe until a plan can be put into place. We recently reviewed a site where kittens were accidentally killed because the public didn't know what they were doing and scared them so much they perished. Talk to an expert before you disturb a nest or force a protective Mom to relocate her babies and the chance at rescue diminishes. The biggest threat to kittens are humans, "well intentioned Good Samaritan's" that couldn't possibly know the best way to secure them safely.

Please be aware that most rescues have a skeleton group of volunteers and at the bare minimum you will be expected to help feed and maintain the site before, during and after the trapping has been completed.  We will offer guidance and experience but do not expect us to do all of the heavy lifting with zero to little contribution. 

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Contact a Rescue first.

Toronto Kitten Rescue

Be prepared! What time of the day did you see them, what did you see precisely? How many were there? What are their colors? Did you see them run from a specific tree and go under a building, landmark or corner of the property? Gather as many pictures and details as you can, it might not seem relevant at the time but could give the trapper the most pertinent details to their rescue.