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Toronto Kitten Rescue

We rely on the help of foster homes. We do not have a facility or storefront and can not continue to rescue without the support of fosters. Fostering a cat or kitten can be incredibly rewarding and will often be the difference of life or death to an animal in need of rescue. Not all situations are the same but often all that is required is a safe, quiet and enclosed area that will help keep the cat or kitten calm while they adjust to a new temporary environment.  Please consider fostering a cat or kitten in Toronto or the GTA. The first step is to fill out a foster application. We will need access to your modem (and password) to connect a WiFi camera in your foster room/space if you are fostering a pregnant or nursing female (non-negotiable and if we are denied access at any point the female and/or kittens will be moved to another Foster home immediately.)

Foster a CAT or KITTEN in Toronto

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