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Every Donation goes directly back into our efforts to rescue cats or kittens. Spay/neuter, vaccinations, fecal exams, blood work, x-rays, general exams, sedating a feral for treatment, antibiotics, food and  kitty litter are the requirements to maintain a rescue. Each cat can be unique with the vet care required and the food needed varies too. Kittens and cats can't eat the same food unless it is a nursing or pregnant mommy cat. We appreciate every dollar donated to our rescue as it assures the continuation of our work.  Thank you from Toronto Kitten Rescue.

From Rescue to Adoptions, Toronto Kitten Rescue continues to save more cats and kittens every year and we are excited to save even more in 2024 and we hope you are too. If you’ve resolved to help our feline friends, we’ve got an easy way to do it. Join our compassionate group of monthly givers, “SKYE’s GUARDIAN’s”.

Guardians are very important to Toronto Kitten Rescue. In fact, they’re the backbone that sustains our work and these generous donors know that our mission to Rescue never stops and by giving monthly it allows us to spend less time fundraising and more time trapping, providing veterinarian care, socializing or seeking new fosters or forever homes. This is what it’s all about!

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Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.
Please help. Thank you.

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ANY amount helps rescue a cat or kitten in our care or in a managed colony, whether it's a one time donation or it's monthly Support.

 THANK YOU, we can NOT do this without YOU. 

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